Who we are

We are two long standing female friends sharing similar passions and vision for what modern jewelry should stand for 2022’s women.
Imagine, you are invited to a luscious dinner in Versailles.
Your dinner is served with extraordinary silver cutlery which was passed between generations of people who
appreciate the artisans of their community.
Those spoons were the inspiration for our first collection.
When we designed it we were thinking and hoping that
our rings will empower the women of today regardless of their age,
religion, social status or beliefs.
Our vision is a universal design for all of you. 
We do it because we want that each of you will feel a little bit more
beautiful and self appreciated; we want you to feel noticed. 
Wherever you are, whether you are in a crowd or with your loved ones, 
our jewelry designed to help you make a statement
that all of us need many times. 
Our spoons have become more than a ring, bracelet or necklace,
They are self-love. They are the memory and they are also the present.
The desire to go back every day to the most beautiful moments
but to keep moving forward and promoting yourself every day. 
Just like our ancient spoons with nostalgic memories and the way
they become beautiful modern rings.
We create the never-ending romance behind the nostalgia. 
For memories and dreams ahead.
To love and to fall in love every day.